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We exchange your airline ticket every time the price of it goes down. Then, we send you the credits.

Alex Malebranche

  • Project Description

    PlaneAhead is the first company of its kind, that takes full advantage of the termination of airline change fees. We track your purchased itinerary from the day you buy until take off. When the price of your ticket goes down, we automatically exchange the ticket and send you the airline credit from the change. Due to COVID, the major airlines have committed to the termination of change fees permanently, so now it gives you unlimited flexibility! Great! But there is a secondary opportunity that this creates. If you can change your flight any time without penalty, then if your flight goes down you can take advantage. Truthfully, no one is going to check United or Delta or American every day just to make sure they get the best price. That's where we come in! We check all of the member's itineraries everyday to make sure the price they paid is still the best price. If it's not, we change it and send them the credits. From a B2C perspective, that is very valuable and a great experience, but a bigger opportunity? Let's think about the businesses that constantly travel. Take consulting firms as an example. A massive part of their P&L is employee travel. What if there were a service that could enable large corporations to save millions of dollars a year by guaranteeing the lowest price? Again, this is the potential power of PlaneAhead.
  • Why is the timing right for your idea?

    Timing is perfect because one, before COVID change fees were in existence, so now this is something that no other company is set up to do. Two, because as we all start to travel, cost and flexibility will be the top priorities and we ensure both. Also, any day now, all that have kept themselves inside for the last 18 months will burst out of the gate travelling everywhere. If we launch right, the growth for the company will shoot up like crazy!

  • What is your competitive advantage?

    The competitive advantage is that no other company does what we do. Travel companies have always been structured to be proactive in getting you "the best deals" but that proactivity leads to guesses. They don't know what costs will be 12 months from now, but they take their best guess. That sounds ok until something like last year happens and you bought what you thought were good deals, pre-COVID and now those same tickets are pennies on the dollar! Post-COVID cost and flexibility will be key. With PlaneAhead, you can buy the ticket and know if the price goes down at all between today and the day I leave, I'll benefit from that by getting the credits back. So plan ahead and let us get you the best price.

  • What will you do with $10,000?

    This 10,000 will be huge for PlaneAhead! With us being a company that is doing something that no one else does, education is crucial. It is our natural tendency as humans to use comparison to better understand things. At the moment, we have nothing to be compared to, so the 10,000 will be used for reaching our desired customers. SEO places a huge part in making sure we reach the right people, so a portion will be used for SEO. Traditional and social media marketing strategy and content will be a large part of what we spend this money on, and also, public relations! Getting our company in front of the right readers and viewers will help launch PlaneAhead to the next level.