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Create and visualize tailor-made wall arrangements with confidence

Samantha Kalita

  • Project Description

    We recently moved and were excited to make our place our own by decorating our walls. But we were daunted! We struggled to figure out the right wall arrangements. Once we found a design we liked, it took us several tries to correctly get the pieces hung up on the wall (just some basic math errors). When we went looking for help, we couldn’t find an all-in-one solution that would solve our problems. We realized that our experience could be better - we could help others design their walls with confidence. Every month there are 12 Million searches for topics related to decorating walls. In our interviews with individuals, several relatable themes have emerged: they lack confidence in their designs, they struggle to visualize their ideal arrangements, and they have difficulty determining exact positioning. It’s not just individuals looking for solutions either. Art and decor retailers know that consumers need visualization tools to give them confidence in their purchasing decisions. WxH helps design enthusiasts create beautiful, personalized spaces by inspiring them to design walls of art that reflect their style and individuality, and making it simple to select, purchase, and precisely arrange artwork. Our app helps the millions of users who want to design magazine-worthy wall arrangements (through rich visualization), discover art they love (through our tailored recommendations), and hang their art correctly the first time (by automatically computing precise positioning).
  • Why is the timing right for your idea?

    Can you name the market leader helping users visualize art on their walls? No? Neither can we. Technology is just now capable of supporting a truly seamless user experience. With machine learning and 3D modeling, we can create a service that is highly personalized and accurate. While there are some services out there, none of them take users from start to finish. Most either focus only on the design or placement challenges. Recent research shows that there is an increasing demand for well-designed and “instagrammable” spaces. Individuals are also interested in being more self-sufficient as they feel more empowered by their own accomplishments. This means there is a huge opportunity to become the platform of choice for decorating walls.

  • What is your competitive advantage?

    We’ll take users through the entire design process. We’ll use tech that matters. We’ll enhance current out-of-the-box base functionality to optimize space modeling. We’ll use machine learning to simplify the design process and make tailored recommendations for art and layouts. We’ll combine users' unique style and space attributes with broader trends and preferences of people like them. We’ll also incorporate design best practices that interior design professionals use when creating layouts. We’ll also recommend artwork from multiple retailers which means that users aren’t limited to just one style. We’ll stand out by helping individuals improve their spaces while also helping businesses sell their artwork and decor worldwide.

  • What will you do with $10,000?

    We need support in two key areas: development and marketing. We’re currently building out our prototype and need development resources ($4,600). Once we have our beta version, we plan to test it with 200 users. We’ll need support in managing that feedback and making improvements ($1,600). Once we have software for launch, we’ll need to get the word out through organic and paid marketing ($3,800). That means creating blog, video, and social media content as well as traditional PR so users searching for help will find us. Since we’re initially targeting individuals who recently moved, as they’re most in need of our service, we’ll be looking to work with real estate agents and moving services to promote our service.